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Saso Podgorsek

Since leaving the Ljubljana Film Academy and winning many awards on major student film festivals worldwide for his graduate film But the Goat Survived (1991) he started directing commercials, music videos, documentaries, dance films and feature films.
For many years he is collaborating with some internationally acclaimed individuals or collectives; music group Laibach, interdisciplinary artist Marko Peljhan, contemporary dance choreographer Iztok Kovač (the founder of EnKnap Group) and many others.
He directed more than fifty music videos for different music genres for national and international artists (Laibach, Demolition Group, Plavi Orkestar, Komputer, Siddharta, Jinx, Lollobrigida, Vlado Kreslin, Melodrom, Random Logic, Kozma, DJ Umek…)
He has received several national and international awards for his work:
What are you going to do when you get out of here? (2005); 52min Divided States of America / Laibach 2004 Tour (2005); 64min Sweet Dreams (2001); 110min Dom Svobode (2000); 30min
Dark Angels (1999); 97min Vertigo Bird (1996); 28min But the Goat Survived (1991); 10min Place with a view (1989); 14min
Commercials on his reel were not produced by Welcome production.

Ben Jones

Ben Jones is a London based director and screenwriter. Represented in Croatia by Welcome production. Commercials on his reel were not produced by Welcome production.