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In this page Why? we wanted to write few things about why shooting in Croatia and why shooting with Welcome production.

Biggest advantage of shooting in Croatia in terms of locations is its biodiversity. Croatia can be subdivided between a number of ecoregions and the country is consequently one of the richest in Europe in terms of biodiversity. There are four types of biogeographical regions in Croatia:

1) Mediterranean along the coast and it’s immediate hinterland

2) Alpine in most of Lika and Gorski kotar

3) Pannonian along Drava, Sava and Dunav

4) Continental in the remaining areas

Beside biodiversity, distance between those locations is also huge advantage. In one day you can be able to shoot both, the beach and the mountain or beach and forests etc. You can even leave Zagreb early in the morning and shoot on the seaside and drive back if the budget is really tight. There is also huge number of beautiful rivers like Krka, Zrmanja, Mreznica and the canyons that they are forming. Forests are also significantly present in the country and they represent 44% of Croatian land surface. As nature itself is quite different so are the Croatian cities. Starting from Zagreb which is a modern european city with a traditional legacy from Austrian-Hungarian monarchy and it’s architecture and then going to Karlovac and Varazdin to round up mid croatian cities which are great for shooting and just 4 minutes drive from Zagreb. Cities on the coast are typically mediterranean like Split, Zadar, Sibenik, Dubrovnik etc. When we go north along the coast we will reach Istria which is a beautiful peninsula with Pula as the center and much more cities along the coast and small fortified cities on the hills in inland of Istria which is the reason why it is called little Tuscany. We have traditional Pula film festival there every year as smaller Motovun film festival. In Pula you can also find only Roman colosseum in Croatia. If you have any other questions about locations or you need any references please send us an inquiry and we will be more then happy to help you.

In terms of crew we would say that we have very experienced and professional crews. A lot of people from light, grip and camera department as well as make up and art department worked for years on big feature films such as Gladiator, Blackhawk down, Kingdom of heaven, Hellboy, Peacemaker etc. We can guarantee that every time you come here you will get the best available crew.

If we talk about budgeting we are pretty sure that we are cheaper then most of the Europe and we are always open for any suggestions and we are ready to give You suggestions on how we could make the budget smaller in terms of logistics etc. Feel free to send us your scripts what ever budget you might have.

Although we already said few things about why to shoot with Welcome production and you can read facts About us we would like to say one more time that for us, our clients are always on the first place and we will do our best that you leave Croatia happy and that you have great time and great shooting here.